Friday, February 17, 2012

Diversity day at Middlesex School

This is a nice write up of how the students at Middlesex explored identity through Diversity Day, with reference to both the talk I gave at their Assembly on human rights and video, as well as the performance of RASH and the Q&A that followed with the students.

And they quoted me in answering one of the questions  "You have a responsibility to know what is going on the world.  One day, you may be in a position of influence or power; use it wisely, take risks and listen to your gut.".

Saturday, February 4, 2012

RASH at Middlesex School

This week I travelled twice to Concord, Massachusetts to speak and perform at Middlesex School - a highly regarded New England prep school.  I have never visited a boarding school before and was fascinated by the experience in contrast to my own public school experience in Glasgow.  On Tuesday I spoke at the morning assembly about the work of WITNESS and how the documentation of human rights abuses through video is changing the world.  Today I performed RASH at the school's Annual Day of Diversity.  I was amazed at how engaged and present 400 students could be at 10 in the morning! It was definitely one of my favourite audiences.  On both occasions, students had the opportunity to ask questions which were smart and thoughtful, and many of them came up to speak to me afterwards.  They were an impressive group in more ways than one and I really enjoyed meeting them.  I am so looking forward to performing at other schools in the future. Thank you so much to Brian Smith, the Acting Dean of Students & Director of Diversity for inviting me to share my experiences at Middlesex.   And thanks to Corinne Woods, our wonderful stage manager and to the team at All for One Theater Festival for helping to make this happen, especially Michael Wolk.
Here are some photos that I took whilst I was there.
 Arriving at Middlesex
 My first ever ride on a yellow school bus! Me with Corinne Woods, RASH stage manager
The dressing room.