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Edinburgh Festival Fringe
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What the press are saying...           
"Solo theatre doesn't get any better than this." 
    -Kat Chamberlain, (reviewed for East to Edinburgh)

“I urge everyone to see Rash before it is too late…There is a small window of opportunity to witness an authenticity that is unparalleled”
    -Markus Paminger, Fringe NYC Review

"The success of RASH comes not only from the naturally dramatic and socially important stories themselves, but from how real Wolfson is." 
    -Fritzie Andrade,

"The human rights activist has pulled off a tremendous feat, turning her near death experiences into a piece of utterly watchable, totally gripping theatre."
    -Barry Gordon, Edinburgh News

"We are drawn into her story by her keen eye for ironic details..." 
    -Susan Mansfield, The Scotsman

"It out of the ordinary and so painfully exciting that it's worth intruding out of sheer curiosity."
    -Tamsin Curry, MetroLife

"RASH has all the components of a blockbuster with none of the cheap thrills...Such an enduring impact should be felt by more audiences." 
    -Laura Oliver, Three Weeks in Edinburgh

"You'll be hanging on to every word of this." 
    -Edinburgh Fringe Review

"RASH is everything a one-woman show should be and Wolfson is exemplary."
    -Susan McClymont, UK Theatre Network

"RASH proves the cliche that truth is stranger (and often far funnier) than fiction." 
    -Adrian Turpin, The Sunday Times, Scotland

"RASH is one piece of theatre not to miss and one story which simply must be told."
    -The Jewish Telegraph

"Wolfson's story immediately grips, perhaps because it resonates so closely with many of our own...Funny, shocking, and at times moving, Wolfson's outsider perspective on a conflict that dumfounded the world brings us surprisingly close to understanding."
    -Clare Harris, TheBigGuide, Edinburgh Festival

Rash feels like I’m across a coffee table from an acquaintance who just returned from a long journey … magical.
    -James Harrison Monaco, (reviewed for NY Fringe)

 Wolfson’s performance is engaging and personal, but the honesty of her writing is the most beautiful part of the show.
    -Libby Emmons, New York Theater Review

What producers are saying...

"This girl's show RASH is bound for the world stage and will make a difference to all that hear it." 
    -Derrick Little, Producer, TellTaleArt

"I was fascinated from beginning to end.  Your story is not one that we encounter the realities of enough." 
    -Olivia Greer, Producer, Women Centre Stage, the Culture Project

"I found all aspects of RASH to be entirely credible, stirring, and darkly entertaining." 
    -Daniel Richer, Coin Edge Productions

“The story is utterly absorbing and the writing so, so good… Work like this doesn’t come along very often, … I urge you to make seeing it a priority”
    -Cecily Sommers, Founder & President, The Push Institute

What audience members are saying...

“I have rarely seen the kids so riveted by a performance”
    -Margery Mandell, Dean of Co-curricular Learning, Trinity School

"Wow! What an incredible show.  This true story had me laughing and crying.  I've not seen anything quite like this at the Fringe." 
    -Eloise F.

"Jenni Wolfson gives a powerful performance, constantly changing pace.  The show had me gripped from start to finish!" 
    -Amanda S.

"It truly was an amazing performance...Not to be missed." 
    -Nicholas Black

"My admiration for Wolfson's performance was further enhanced on realising that she was telling her own story, in terms of both what she did and her skill as a storyteller." 
    -Jonathan Smith

"An amazing experience told in the most compelling way, with a little humour cleverly injected.  We were riveted for an hour!" 
    -Tony B.

"There are some things about the real world you just don't learn until you get there.  RASH teaches you some of those life lessons in the span of just one hour." 
    -Naveed Malik, Harvard University Graduate Student

"I was overwhelmed by RASH...your story, told with such grace and passion, touched me deeply." 
    -Matthew Gill

"Jenni Wolfson's play, RASH, takes the retelling of international action to a new level as she changes it from an abstract, professional venture to a personal journey...It's rare to want to both laugh and cry in a classroom, but the strength of the performance transformed an academic hall into a true theatre." 
    -Tamara Klajn, Harvard University Graduate Student

"Your story and your performance blew me away." 
    -Alex Hill

"I was hooked the entire hour." 
    -George Johns

“Your play was so moving, so heartfelt, so bloody funny and wonderful and dark and terrible and colorful and just so exactly right!”
    -Anna Miller, Student, Harvard University