Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Preparing for RASH

Tick tock, tick tock. The New York Fringe Festival is fast approaching. As usual, I always underestimate how much work it is to get the play up and running again. The rare moments when I have the apartment to myself, it quickly gets rearranged into my performance space and I trip over lego and train tracks as I speed through rehearsing. I only have a few rehearsals with Jen Nails, the RASH director before she goes off on vacation so we're using that time wisely. Ashley, the play manager is amazing helping to organize all the details from marketing, press to tech. Huge thanks to Zach and Mari who have been helping us design the marketing materials and the blog. And we're thrilled that Taylor has joined our team as our stage manager/board operator. I'm still trying to find our lighting designer as well as a new costume. Fortunately I have some time off work this week to prepare. Last week we visited the HERE Arts Center with all the other productions performing in that space. It looks great and is an ideal intimate venue for RASH. Forthcoming we have venue prep (hours and hours of setting up the theatre for all the shows) and then our tech rehearsal. But there's still time, thank goodness. Although I can feel it ticking ...

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