Monday, September 26, 2011

Meet the Change with Jenni Wolfson

Last week I performed an extract of RASH at the legendary Nuyorican Poets Cafe in the East Village. I also spoke about my philosophy of change and the importance of networking and community.  The audience was a group of young Jewish activists in their 20's and 30's that were brought together by Pursue, a partnership between AJWS and AVODAH.

If you have ever wondered why I do what I do, then wonder no more.  In preparation for the evening, I was interviewed by someone at Pursue and you can read it here

The evening was described as follows: 

Meet the Change with Jenni Wolfson: What Happens Next is Up to You! (Click here for more info)
She speaks truth to power – on stage, in the field (from Haiti to Rwanda), and from her desk. When it comes to “fighting baddies,” you’ll want her in your corner.

Click here to see photos of the event. 

It was a great audience. The folks asked lots of questions, and even the guy behind the bar asked a question!  Then Audrey Sasson who heads up Pursue let a fun networking activity.  I have since heard from almost half the audience which I think is a great sign that we achieved one of the goals of the evening - to encourage networking!  If you want a more objective overview of the evening, read the Pursue blog post.

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