Monday, August 6, 2007

Week Zero at the Fringe

Well I’ve just survived Week 0 at the Fringe! I arrived here a day or two before my first preview on 1st August and watched the Fringe being built. Overnight parking lots were turned into courtyards, student unions becoming theatres, and plaza spaces transformed into massive party venues. Last night was the opening party of the Fringe – it had all the elements of a good Scottish party – great energy, lots of performances, alcohol, kilts and rain. I really felt like I had landed. I’ve been quite lucky getting a decent audience during week 0 and it’s great to bump into people who saw the show and tell me how much they loved it. My biggest find has been Kieran McLoughlin who has now become the
Associate Director of RASH. The director of RASH, Jen Nails is pregnant and so unfortunately couldn’t travel with me here. I can’t imagine what I would have done without Kieran who has performed and directed at the Fringe before and is showing me the ropes and making RASH more solid. We’ve spent the last few days in tech rehearsals with our tech crew (Mick and Cara), finding wonderful interns to flyer RASH (Gordon and Rebecca) and contacting the press. I spoke on BBC Radio Scotland live on Sunday morning, got a 4 star review from Broadway Baby and last week RASH was on the entire front cover of Sunday Times Ecosse. And an anonymous person left a donation for us at the Fringe Office – thank you! The hardest thing about Week 0 is waiting for the reviews to come about. RASH has been reviewed by 4 different press and all during previews!!! so it’s nerve wracking waiting for the verdict. Onto Week 1.

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