Saturday, April 28, 2007

Political Theatre

There seems to be no shortage of political theatre in New York for which I am grateful. During the last few months I have some really interesting and important work. Tonight I just saw "Miracle In Rwanda". I'm not the only one doing a solo show about Rwanda! I have seen "In Sudan", a play about Darfur, "Goodness" about genocide, "My Name is Rachel Corrie" and "Dai", two plays about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, "Stuff Happens" about the war in Iraq, "Speak Truth to Power" about human rights activists and so it goes on. I am grateful that there are many folks out there who are interested in seeing this kind of theatre. There could be many more. I think that some people relate to political theatre the same way they relate to documentaries. They really want to see the documentaries, but then it's a Sunday night and they decide to chose something lighter to just chill out and switch off. But people are often surprised when they do choose to see a documentary or political play as they can often be just as (if not more) gripping, entertaining (for want of a better word), and most likely more inspiring. If it's a good play or film, you are always so glad that you went. I have just finalised a 40-word description of my show and chosen an image. These are probably the most important marketing tools I have right now, and it was so hard to choose words and a picture that would entice people, but not make me feel like I'm compromising my integrity in how I sell the show. It took a while and a lot of input from a real mix of people. I'm really happy with how it turned out.

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