Sunday, April 1, 2007

RASH outbreak

Well it's going to be a busy week of performances for RASH and I'm really looking forward to trying out the new script for the first time. On Tuesday 3rd April I'm performing along side another amazing 25 women as part of the Emerging Artists Theatre solo show festival "One Woman Standing". There will be a talk back after the performance and folks will be able to share their thoughts on the play. On Wednesday 4th April I will be flying to Durham, North Carolina to perform at Duke University. I will also be speaking to their Arts and Human Rights class during the day. And last but definitely not least, on Sunday 8th April, I will be performing two shows on the same day as part of Tartan Week NY at American Theater of Actors. It's really exciting to be part of a festival promoting all good things Scottish in New York. So do come check out a show. And if you saw one of these shows, I would love to know what you think. RASH is going to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this August, and your thoughts and ideas will only make the play stronger.


Adam said...

Hi Jenni,

I saw your play tonight on Duke's campus, and I wanted to thank you for coming to Duke and giving us an amazing performance. As a student studying human rights, it was invaluable to see and hear such a raw, truthful perspective from someone like yourself working in human rights activism. What I enjoyed most was your ability to confront the ways your personal life understandably became intangled with your decisions and experiences in the brave work that you do.

Plus--I wasn't expecting to laugh during a play about Rwanda, but you were absolutely hilarious.

Best of luck, and thanks again for your brilliant show,

Duke, Class of '08

Mark Farnsworth said...

Mark Farnsworth said...

Wonderful and courageous performnce last night (3 April) in NYC. In the Q&A after, you asked the audience about the new ending. As I was stuck on the subway on the way home, had time to think about it.

Few people actually act out their dreams. So it is even more courageous to have decided, as you have, to move on from your dream, your identity, perhaps even more courageous than going to Rwanda in the first, or second, place.

So I was wondering, now that you are, literally, acting out your life, whether this new, rash, adrenaline kick of being on stage as a performer could be integrated into the ending. You could bring the narrative into real time. The story doesn’t end, it is up to and including right now.

Ironically, at the end, it felt like we were you during your first interview with Innocent. How could anyone in the audience truly understand the impossible story just told? How could a jewish woman from Scotland in country for a week possibly understand Innocent? And yet the need to tell the story and be heard trumps all consequences.

This is where the story now is. (With a slightly less captive audience!)

Thanks again for a memorable performance. You have found a skilled and nurturing Director. Hope you both continue to grow with this piece and it with you.

Best of luck
by mark farnsworth

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenni,

Glad to hear your Rash is spreading! Looking forward to seeing you in Edinburgh!

Lots of Love and best of luck,

Cousins Tony & Anne xxx