Monday, August 16, 2010

Hot off the Press

Here's what the NYTheatre review has to say about RASH

"Jenni Wolfson spent three years in Rwanda during the Hutu-Tutsi genocide as a Humanitarian Aid worker for the UN. I didn't. Neither did anyone I know. This makes Jenni Wolfson worth listening to in almost any circumstance. It gives her strange, fascinating stories... Rash feels like I'm across a coffee table from an acquaintance who just returned from a long journey. She's casual and still confused about everything. One story moves to the next without logic as she continues to makes sense of it all. Her memories are vivid and random. Her body makes accidental gestures that indicate an entire life. If you've ever sat with someone in this unique state—when they're still processing their experience but haven't yet polished it into an "inspiring" memoir—then you may know that it can be magical. It's so unplanned. You get to watch the odd bits of life collect around them as they talk.  This remembering in Rash is thrilling."

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