Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What's next for RASH?

My 6th and last performance of RASH was only three days ago but already there are plans underway for future performances.  We are in discussions with a theatre festival in NY, with universities in the US and the UK and with Microsoft HQ in Seattle.  Over the next few months I will be contacting schools, colleges and universities in particular, to guage their interest in having RASH performed on their campuses followed by Q&A with the students.  I have also decided that I will try and get RASH published as a play so I'll keep you posted on that front.  I'll continue to update the blog and encourage you to "like" our Facebook page for faster updates too.

For now, and this will resonate more with those of you who have seen the show, I'm going to cycle in the park, go to outdoor musical concerts, spend more time with my family ....

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Brette said...

If you need any help with DC theatres, I'd be happy to put in some calls .:)