Friday, August 27, 2010

The RASH audience - who are you?

One of the most amazing personal aspects for me performing RASH at the NY Fringe has been the audience. The word seems to have spread amongst human rights and humanitarian workers and many of them have been coming to the show.  I have received wonderful feedback from this group who are seeing a part of their lives and their stories on stage, and they are overjoyed that I am giving others a glimpse into our world.

Friends and colleagues have also been enormously supportive. It's wonderful to walk outside after the show and see my acting teacher; my doula; colleagues from WITNESS and other NGOs (thanks HRW!); the UN & UNICEF staff, even those with whom I worked in Rwanda and Haiti; neighbours; journalists; friends who were in my writing and acting classes; friends from my birthing and mum groups; friends of friends; other Fringe companies and of course the great Fringe audience.  I think that even my dentist came to see the show. And a training dog. Thank you to all of you who have been so incredibly supportive.

There were several people who came to see RASH who have lost their loved ones to human rights and humanitarian tragedies, and I was humbled that they came, and relieved to hear from them how much they loved the show. 

Who am I missing?

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